Capital Project Updates

New Entrance and Exit!

Your generous giving to the Fuel for Ministry fund helps replenish our contingency fund and allows us be good stewards of the building and grounds God has entrusted to our care.  

Our current projects are to expand the paved parking lot and remodel the house next door so it can be used for meeting and office space; you can read more here.  

Current Facility Project Details 

Parking Lot Expansion:

  • 170 new paved stalls for a total of 329
  • New entrance and exit to & from County Rd 14
  • Additional lighting of lot and approach
  • Resurfacing on existing lot
  • Expansion Estimate - $400,000

House Update:

  • New Windows Replacing flooring/carpet
  • Small remodeling for office area
  • Office/Meeting area furniture
  • Project Estimate - $75,000

Benefits of this project

  1. Will provide better watershed, more access, and additional paved parking stalls
  2. Will provide better safety for pedestrians in parking lot and easier access in and out of parking lot.
  3. Will provide more meeting space for staff and small groups
We're excited to see how God might use these improvements to bring people together and help our guests feel even more welcome at Riverside.

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We are so grateful for all of you who partner with us for ongoing support!  

What's next?

Stay tuned for details coming in the next few months; we'll update you soon with pictures and finance updates!