Magnificent 7?

In the movie by the same name (The Magnificent 7), a small town is relentlessly bullied by bandits who plunder the little food and supplies they have.  Village leaders ride into a larger town hoping to find tools to defend themselves and encounter an unlikely hero.  He and his band of misfit friends return to the village with the leaders to try and help and soon realize they are hopelessly outnumbered and sorely under resourced.  The rest of the story depicts the struggles they face training the villagers to defend themselves for future battle.

Maybe your life feels like that story line these days too.  All one needs to do is scan the news to read or hear about tyrants who persecute those who disagree with them.  The election news is littered with stories of corruption.  Believers are often described as being out of touch, narrow-minded or even prejudiced for holding to the principles of God's Word.  The culture we live in seems to be progressively more hostile, and it can be difficult to know how to successfully navigate our world and defend our faith.

So what does Jesus have to say about not just existing, but thriving, in a confusing, turbulent world?  Quite a bit actually.  He communicates very personally to us in the book of Revelation through visions revealed to, and shared by, John to seven churches in seven cities.  With messages of both warning and encouragement, these chapters have much to tell us about living abundantly in hard, but rewarding times, and the truths they share are just as relevant today as when they were penned 2000 years ago.


October 30th >>  "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
November 6th >>  "True Grit"
November 13th >>  "High Noon"
November 20th >>  "Bad Company"
November 27th >>  "Tombstone"
December 4th >>  "The Lone Ranger"
December 11th >>  "Fistful of Dollars"



We believe you will find this to be a helpful series, filled with application and instruction you can remember and put to use.  Know some friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers who need hope and direction?  Encourage them to join you at 8:45 10:30 or 12:05.

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