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Date Title Series Speaker
9/16/2018 Stop

Why do we need to STOP and do 3 things before continuing on?

Divine Direction Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/9/2018 Start

How can I know God's will for my life? The decisions we make today shape what our story will be tomorrow...

Divine Direction Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/2/2018 A Surprising Reality Check

Do you feel like you need to measure up to approach God?

UnScripted Pastor Nate Sickler
8/26/2018 Jesus Said That?

Will we interpret our challenges as God’s lack of care or look for God’s care during our challenges?

UnScripted Pastor Nate Sickler
8/19/2018 Wait...What?

How often do we label our misinterpretation of Jesus as His misbehavior?

UnScripted Pastor Tony Myles
8/12/2018 Ridiculous Asks

When was the last time you were ridiculously surprised by someone or something you were overly familiar with? When has that happened with Jesus?

UnScripted Pastor Tony Myles
8/5/2018 Don't Forget [to Follow]

I want all of us to understand that when Jesus says, “Follow Me”, it means something very personal and substantial to every one of us.

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/29/2018 Don't Forget [to Take the Plunge]

What is baptism and why does it matter so much?

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/22/2018 Don't Forget [to Look Outward]

Communion isn’t supposed to be done in isolation. What are we supposed to look outward to as we look at taking communion?

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/15/2018 Don't Forget [to Look Inward]

The Scriptures teach that taking communion is a significant and serious thing. How can we look inwardly before taking communion?

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen

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