Monthly Financial Update

January 2018

We experienced a fantastic end of the calendar year in so many ways, including with generosity and in “yes” decisions. We started the new calendar year with a strong overall January, too.

The Nothing Ordinary series started in January and we are seeing the Lord use these messages already in many ways already in people’s lives. The series continues throughout February.

We are well in the midst of preparations for our Sauk Rapids campus, both the physical facility (sign up to help on a work day this month!), as well as the launch team preparing for their important ministries to make this campus effective. It is not too late to be a part of the launch team there; email & let us know that you're interested.  We are still praying and planning for an end-of-the-month “soft launch” and an early March grand opening for our first-ever multisite location.

Throughout the months of December and January we have seen a constant number of people saying “yes” to Jesus as Lord, for which we praise the Lord! We also continue to welcome new guests each Sunday.

Giving has been very strong. We thank the Lord that all our budgeted needs for our Big Lake campus continue on track, and our cash flow is healthy right now. Giving for our Fuel for Missions Fund was pretty good.

Digital giving makes such a huge difference in so many people’s lives here. It helps people develop the consistent practice of the grace of giving and putting God first in their finances. You can give it a try this month.

Pray for everyone who considers Riverside Church their spiritual home to practice the grace of giving and generosity being just a “normal” response for our church so we can reach more people for Jesus.

Thanks to all of you who give to the Lord’s work through Riverside Church. It makes a difference in real people’s lives here and around the world every week.

Both the opportunities and obstacles we face are very real, as they are for any of God’s churches seeking to partner with Him in making a Kingdom impact. Keep praying that God will clearly lead us and show us His ways.

God is at work in and through Riverside, touching the lives of thousands of people in significant ways. Your gifts help make that happen, both now and for eternity.

God bless you all!
Pastor Tom

Weekly Averages for January 2018
  • Sunday Attendance: 1,521
  • Fuel for Ministry Fund (formerly the General Fund): $58,719.54 (new approved united/multi-campus weekly budget is $56,054.64)
  • Great Commission Fund: $3,485.20
  • Approximate cash able to set aside for multisite:  $700,000

Weekly Averages for January 2018

Financial Figures for January 2018

Actual Giving vs. Actual Expenses
>> Year to Date Approved Budget $1,857,544
>> Year to Date Giving $1,706,296
>> YTD Difference $151,248

>> Year to Date Approved Budget $1,857,544
>> Year to Date Expenses $1,284,608
>> YTD Difference $572,936

Actual Giving vs. Actual Spending
>> Giving To Date $1,706,296
>> Expenses To Date $1,284,608
>> Difference $421,688