Snapshot (Watching God at Work)

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As we reflect back on fall 2017, we celebrate the many ways we saw people take steps forward in their walk of faith, and also look forward to a new season as we launch our first ever Multisite campus!
As sad as we are to wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer, there's always a level of excitement about returning to the regular ebb and flow of school, cooler days, fall colors, and our fall kick off events.
Ministry doesn't stop over the summer, and it's been great watching people engage in our Core Values as they enjoyed events, took next steps, and reached out in our community and around the world!
April was a powerful month at Riverside and we are celebrating the way He is at work changing lives.
March was a great month for witnessing people engaging in activities which make such a difference in a walk of faith. We praise God for His work at Riverside Church in and among His people!
The beginning of 2017 brought lots of opportunities for Riversiders to grow in love and to give of themselves -- check out this month's post for the ways people are engaging in a dynamic walk of faith.