For many people prayer brings to mind words or phrases passed down through family tradition.  Was "Come O Lord Jesus" your standard grace before meals?  Maybe you grew up saying rosaries or memorized The Lord's Prayer found in the book of Matthew.  Or perhaps you find yourself occasionally throwing up a quick appeal, asking Jesus to help you in times of stress or trouble.

What if prayer was bigger and more than that?

What if there were prayers that made you go outside your comfort zone and really talk with God in a way that required you to be transparent about your hurts, your mistakes, your worries? Could fully surrendering and trusting God to answer all your prayers make a difference?

You are invited to a four week series which examines prayer, God's answers, and how even our biggest mess-ups can become part of a new story we find joy in sharing.  Take the challenge -- join us to consider four types of prayers that are anything but predictable...it just might change your life.



>May 21st - "Search My Heart"
>May 28th - "Why Keep Praying?"
>June 4th - "Break Me"
>June 11th - "Lead My Life"


Invite Others!

This will be a great series filled with truths for all of us at Riverside, as well as for our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers.  Check out our Facebook page and share, or grab an invite card and encourage someone you think might benefit from these messages  to "Come and See" with you for our services at 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05.


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