Every. Single. Minute

Each week holds 1,080 minutes.  Even for those who make regular weekend worship a priority, most spend around 80 minutes a week at church.  What about the other 1,000 -- do the things you hear on Sunday easily become a regular part of your life?

If most of us were to admit it, far too often we find ourselves sidetracked or discouraged by the noise, dissatisfaction, and pace of today's culture.  We might be able to identify specific examples of joy, peace, and contentment, but they don't feel like the norm for how we move through our days.  How does one go from 'catching moments' to 'living abundantly?'  

Join us for a series which takes a look at four characteristics which can transform the way you think about navigating your week.  Learn how a focus on principles Jesus taught can prepare you emotionally, mentally and relationally to make intentional choices which set the stage for you to engage each day in meaningful and fulfilling ways.  Ready to invest your time in what matters instead of just reacting to circumstances and getting through them?  

Move beyond Sunday and learn to live Every. Single. Minute.


Series Schedule

>August 13th - "Listening"
>August 20th - "Longing"
>August 27th - "Remaining"
>Sept 3rd - "Moving"


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