Do you find yourself fighting a battle day after day?  Continually facing down that 'one thing' that seems to dominate your thinking or your time?

What if you could finally overcome some hurdles in your life...
What if, instead of trying again & failing, you were empowered to accomplish goals?

What would that look like?

How might LIFE CHANGE  if you gained an entirely new perspective?

The world shouts for our attention, promoting ideas and products promising to make life better, faster, wealthier, more attractive and productive.  But often those solutions fail us and we feel defeated, defrauded, and deluded about our ability to change the areas we want to improve.

What if the key to a satisfying life was less about the tool you use, and more about the perspective you employ?  Is there a way to attain measurable results on a quest for healthy balance no matter what your individual goal might be?

We're going on an 8 week quest to find out, diving into God's Word to look at timeless principles and advice which just might be the place we all need to start...the 'why' we can investigate before the practical application of the 'how' is even considered.  Want to join us?

What do you have to lose?

Riverside is a safe place where you will be welcomed by faces that probably look a lot like yours. People love to raise their families here.  Marriages are strengthened, hurting people find help to recover, and there are places to connect where you don't have to do life alone anymore.  Every week people are healing, growing, and learning what it looks like to start from a place of hope.  

So we're tossing out a challenge for you to give it a try & join us Sundays in September and October.

Series Schedule
(services at 8:45, 10:30 and 12:05)


Sept. 10th >> Fall kick off - "Can I Be Transformed?"
Sept. 17th >> "Transformed Spiritually"
Sept. 24th >> "Transformed Physically" 
Oct. 1st   >> "Transformed Mentally" 
Oct. 8th    >>  "Transformed Emotionally" 
Oct. 15th  >>  "Transformed Relationally" 
Oct. 22nd  >>  "Transformed Financially" 
Oct. 29th  >>  "Transformed Vocationally"


  • Guidebooks for use in DVD study and Small Groups will be available for $15; you can pick up yours beginning Sunday, 9/10
  • Interactive age-appropriate activities for your kids and students on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights will make this a family friendly journey you can do together.
  • Opportunities for you to join small groups to enhance your Sunday worship time.

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