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Riverside Missions Prayer Requests
Partner Update
March 16, 2018
Taiwan: Chris & Jamie O'Dell
Praise God...Our friends Sweetie, Gale, and Lucas arrived safely back from their mission trip to Uganda. We are excited to hear their stories and testimonies about what works God has done through their time there.

Pray for.
..We currently have one person who is ready to be baptized this spring, and at least three others who are considering baptism! Please pray that the Lord would prepare each of their hearts as they take this step in their journey with Jesus.
Burkina Faso: John & Betty Arnold
Praise God...This year we are working to provide another 80 to 100 wells to improve the life and health of the families who are so desperately in need. With God at the helm and the continued support of churches and donors like you, we look forward to how it will all come together.

Please Pray...
The average walk for clean water is 6 km (3.7 miles) in West Africa, and it has to be done multiple times a day. We are working to make this walk shorter in Burkina Faso. Pray that God would continue send us the laborers, bless our the well drilling equipment and give us the strength to manage the work.

Costa Rica: Chuck Fanberg

Please continue to pray for Chuck's ministry and whatever the Lord has ahead for him.

Taiwan Intern: Michael Gerber
Praise God for the time he was able to spend in Minnesota.

Pray for Michael's ministry, health and growth as he returns to his internship in Taiwan.
Your Prayers for Burkina Well Team Matter!
The team of four men left Riverside this afternoon and are on their way to Burkina Faso to help drill wells. By bringing fresh water to villages, the local pastors and missionaries can share God's living water with the Burkinabe. Pray for safety, success in finding water, and opportunities to share God's love. The team is pictured above (L to R: Jeff Johnson, Pastor Nate Sickler, Chris Byrd and Jeff Roiger).
Praying with you -

Riverside Missions Team
Pray God's Word...
He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach thegospelto all creation."

Mark 16:15 NIV

Riverside sent the 4-man well-drilling team to Burkina TODAY! (See info below)
Faith Promise

Please be praying how Riversiders can engage with our partnerships through giving to the Fuel for Global Missions Fund. You can learn more about Faith Promises