Two Service Sunday

Since our Annual Meeting is taking place at 12:30 this Sunday, we will be hosting regular services at 8:45 and 10:30; no 12:05 this week.


Pray With Us!

Riverside Missions Prayer Requests
Partner Update
June 15, 2017
Taiwan: Chris & Jamie O'Dell
Praise the Lord Enoch and Kennedygot into school for this next year! It's a great opportunity for them to continue learning and also saves mom and dad a little money :-) Teams and interns are bringing so much joy and spice to the coffee shop and church. They're also growing profoundly!

Prayfor: Everyone in our community would have an increased hunger for God's Kingdom advancing in their lives, especially for students, the center of our theme this month. Also,the Coffee Shop needs to be hitting our target for breaking evenso that we can move forward with future expansion.

Burkina Faso: John & Betty Arnold
Praise God the last team erected a hangar and 19 people came to know Jesus so this is a huge praise!

Pray for the Riverside team that arrives on Thursday night. They will minister out at the Disabled Ministry all day Friday and Saturday will load the trailers and prepare for their bush trip. Saturday afternoon we will have our in house market and then on Sunday they will have a LONG drive to their bush location for the hangar they will be putting up. Prayers are requested for traveling mercies on the long drives there and back again to the city on Friday. Pray for the evangelistic meetings that will be held too while they are there, for souls to be saved, and lives changed.
Costa Rica: Chuck & Robbi Fanberg
Praise the Lord that Robbi and Chuck are able to access care at the Mayo during this difficult time.

Continue to Pray for Robbi. She has been hospitalized at Mayo this week and had a difficult week. The doctors are looking to see if there is a better treatment for the cancer in her spinal fluid. High SPF has been causing severe headache, nausea, and fainting. A spinal tap relieved that pressure yesterday and thus she feels better today. Please pray for a solution for this.
Taiwan Intern: Michael Gerber
Praise God for His provision in allowing me to study another semester of Mandarin at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).
Pray: I plan to video chat with many of my supporters over this summer. Pray that I can keep up with them and share personally of my experiences here and for ease of scheduling and communication.
Your Prayers Make a Difference!
God's Word promises us that God hears our prayers when we ask in His name - that we can boldly go to Him and ask on behalf of others (James 5:16, Psalm 34:15, 2 Chronicles 7:14-15). We are blessed to hear regularly from our partners how God is answering your prayers. Thanks for making a difference in our partners' lives!

Praying with you -
Riverside Missions Team
Pray God's Word
But how shall they ask him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?

Romans 10:14

For over 125 years, Alliance people have been compelled to go into all the earth and make disciples. As international, vocational, marketplace, and relief workers, chaplains or interns, the opportunity to serve is expansive. This week a team from our church is serving in Burkina Faso, Africa (pictured above). You can follow their trip on Facebook.