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Partner Update
Dec. 1, 2017
Taiwan: Chris & Jamie O'Dell
Praise God for...ourThanksgiving outreachthat happened on 11/26. Over 90 people attended our service, outreach, and meal together. One person, already a part of our community, even decided to give their life to Christ during the event.

for...Chris as he travels from 12/3-12/10 and for Jamie and the kids as they'll be fending for themselves in Taipei. And forAroma 2's ongoing construction. We're hoping to launch in January.

Burkina Faso: John & Betty Arnold
Praise God...John and I went to the airport today to pick up a letter from the Chief. Joanna and I had gone to meet with the chief one day about teaching English to the police again this next summer. Then I submitted a written proposal and today I received his official stamped response: They are very happy for us to come again this year to teach the police Airport English for four days!
Pray for an urgent prayer request for a man out recently on a well team here. He is very ill and in the hospital in Atlanta. His name is Jim McMillan. Also for the current well drilling team!Team made it safe and sound out to the village in the bush and have set ups their cots in the courtyard of the church, ate spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. Pray for smooth drilling tomorrow and for water! Pray for the evangelism the Pastor is planning to reap a harvest of souls for the kingdom! Kris said they were so thankful to have a few days to adjust and get some good rest before the real hard work begins tomorrow.
Costa Rica: Chuck Fanberg

Please continue to pray for Chuck and the rest of the Fanbergfamily as they mourn the loss of their precious Robbi.

Taiwan Intern: Michael Gerber
Praise God for answering prayers regarding tech problems, twice recently Michael experienced a problem that he could not solve. After he prayed it worked immediately!
Pray for Michael's relationships with Taiwanese friends and families. He wants to continue to learn language and culture so that he can better communicate with them. Pray that God would speak through any lack of language fluency.
Your Prayers Make a Difference!
We are so grateful for your participation in missions through prayer! Whether it's to pray for safety during a terrorist attack, or people being saved during mission trips, or praying for safety as our teams travel - it matters. God hears the prayers of His people when you seek Him with your whole heart!
Praying with you -

Riverside Missions Team
Pray God's Word
"For this is what the Lord has commanded us: 'I have made youa light for the Gentiles, that youmay bring salvation to the ends of the earth.'"
Acts 13:47

The numberof Christians in Wan Hua, Taiwan is very low, at less than 5% of the total population. Most existing local churches are irrelevant to the average Taiwanese person. In fact, very few of Chris and Jamie's Buddhist friends would ever consider entering a Christian church building.

Faith Promise

Please be praying how Riversiders can engage with our partnerships through giving to the Fuel for Global Missions Fund. You can learn more about Faith Promises