Rock Solid Faith

Life is rarely a straight path; the mountain top peaks we love to experience are inevitably interspersed with the valleys.  Those low spots where life gets messy, circumstances are challenging, or difficult situations arise.  So what do we do when we hit rock bottom...what tools do we have to climb back up and keep on keeping on?

Tackling adversity well is not an easy fix, but it is doable. And while we would probably never choose suffering or problems, they can actually be a catalyst to tremendous personal growth.  There is perhaps no better Biblical example of this than Peter.  A disciple Jesus relied upon and loved, but one who often found himself frustrated over his lack of faith or follow through.

Join us for this new series which takes a closer look at Peter's life, as well as other passages, which teach us what it takes to persevere through tough times.  With dedication, honest assessment, and the right attitude and resources, we can not only survive, but grow stronger.

It is not always our own actions which bring hard times, but it is always our choice how we respond:  Choose to develop #RealFaith.

Series Schedule

>January 8th - "Not What I Asked For"
>January 15th - "Are You Kidding Me?"
>January 22nd - "That's Faith?"
>January 29th - "Words Change Everything"
>February 5th - "Open Mouth, Insert Foot"
>February 12th - "It's Hard to Like You"
>February 19th - "Never Saw That Coming"
>February 26th - "Only God!"
>March 5th - "Sometimes We Goof Up"

Invite Others!

This will be a great series filled with truths for all of us at Riverside, as well as for our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers.  Invite those you think might benefit to "Come and See" with you for our services at 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05.

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