Finding Hope in the Dark

"...sometimes pain seems to yell, while hope only whispers."  - Craig Groeschel

Can you relate?  We've had no lack of loud voices in the last six months as we've navigated uncertain, controversial, and difficult things.  The daily hurdles we already face have been amplified by COVID fears, racial tension, safety debates, and a national election on the horizon.  Interpersonal conflicts, financial strains, substance abuse, and emotional exhaustion have become all too common and it can indeed seem like very dark days where hope is elusive and joy is a distant memory.

What's a person to do?  How can we peacefully begin each day and embrace courage when life isn't fair and so much seems out of our control and beyond our ability to 'fix?'

We're going on a 6 week journey asking, and hopefully answering, that very question.  We'll wrestle together through hard questions and big ideas about doubt, anger, love, and trust.  Using Craig Groeschel's life-giving stories from the book Hope in the Dark, along with wisdom from God's Word, we'll unpack soul-nourishing messages designed to tackle the discouragement and fear we all sometimes face. 

We're inviting you to join us because your story matters too; you don't have to go through hard things alone.  Whether you're here in person or jumping in online it's easy to stay connected, and that first step you take to join us in the journey just might be the one which helps carry you forward to a brighter place.

Series Schedule

Sept. 13th >>
"Struggling in the Dark"
Sept. 20th >> "Wondering in the Dark"
Sept. 27th >> "Listening in the Dark" 
Oct. 4th    >> "Waiting in the Dark" 
Oct. 11th  >>  "Walking in the Dark" 
Oct. 18th  >>  "Praising in the Dark" 


  • Journey bundles will be available for personal and small group use beginning Sunday, 9/13.  Each journey box contains a book, tshirt, reading guide, pen, decal, and a special fall treat.  Boxes are $15 if you pick one up in person, or $20 if you would like it mailed to you.  You can use this form to request a box be mailed to you.
  • If you prefer, you can purchase a copy of the book from Amazon or, including digital and audio books.
  • Study guides and small group material for the week will be released each Sunday.
  • Interactive age-appropriate activities for your kids and students on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights will make this a family journey you can do together.
  • We'll also provide opportunities for you to join a small group to enhance what you learn on Sunday and do life together.

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