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Date Title Series Speaker
6/25/2017 Reach Further

What does it look like when a health church is passionate about Jesus' mission, serious about His last command and always reaching further?

Blueprint: God's Design for His Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/16/2017 Easter Weekend 2017

A time of worship, inspiration and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

Easter Weekend 2017 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/2/2017 How Mercy Works

What does forgiveness have to do with mercy, and how does this effect my life?

New Every Day Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/5/2017 Sometimes We Goof-Up

Sometimes despite our successes and spiritual growth and experiences of "Only God!" moments, we can still goof up.

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/19/2017 Never Saw That Coming

Where do you turn when you collide and face "titanic moments" in your life?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/12/2017 It's Hard to Like You

Relationships are a huge part of how real faith works and doesn't work in our lives.

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Nate Sickler
2/5/2017 Open Mouth, Insert Foot

So why is it we, like Peter, get Jesus and His purpose and mission for our lives so wrong?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/29/2017 Words Change Everything

Words hold the power of life and death. How do words matter in this life, & how can they change everything?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Nate Sickler
1/22/2017 That's Faith?

Real faith is often far messier, difficult and challending than we think it should be. What can we learn as we examine Peter's life & his faith struggles?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/8/2017 Not What I Asked For

Why do we often have a faith experience that looks like Mountain-top Sundays and Rock-Bottom Mondays? How do we live with spiritual disciplines in our life that we didn't necessarily choose?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/25/2016 Serve

Serving others is a huge deal in living lives on mission with God's heart.

Life On Mission Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/18/2016 Connect

How do we stay connected with people around us? What do you think God left you and me on earth to do?

Life On Mission Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/12/2016 Why Are You So Afraid?

How does Jesus help us deal with fear in healthy ways?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/13/2015 Built to Last

What do the 5 senses have to do with studying the Bible, & how can I create a habit in my life with God's Word that sticks?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/30/2015 Consumption Assumption

What does God's Word say about money, consumption & guardrails?

Guardrails Pastor Dan Boal
2/15/2015 Not Here, Not Now

What happens when God says "not yet" or "not now" in our lives?

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/14/2014 Awareness: The Gift of Slowness

God wants to show how we’re held captive by our pain and how we can eventually find freedom through Him.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/24/2014 Counting the Cost

There are times we become so focused on what we want that we fail to realize we are dropping the most important things in life.

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
8/17/2014 Connecting the Dots

"I want to live in a please of amazement that if Jesus doesn't catch me, I'm done." In order for us to obey Jesus, we must let go of what is safe and comfortable.

Choose to Lose Pastor Chip Garrison
6/29/2014 State of the Church 2014

Engage, Experience & Celebrate Riverside's history, mission and future work! We don't want you to miss it!

State of the Church 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/13/2014 The Pursuit of Everything

If our treasure (our heart) is focused on things outside of God's heart, then it is obvious that we can be spiritually vulnerable to the snares and schemes of the adversary.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/28/2012 [Missions Festival 2012] What Comes First?

Why should we care about a world that sometimes shows little interest and sometimes open hostility and even violence towards Jesus Christ and His Church and His people?

Be Light - Missions Festival 2012 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2012 [TheChallenge] Stewardship: Giving and Serving

Jesus tells us that our attitude towards money accurately describes our spiritual condition. So why does God want us to be generous?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/13/2012 Lightening Your Load

How does Jesus tell us to lighten our load?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/31/2011 Baptism Message 2011

Why does baptism matter and when should a person consider this step of faith? Listen in as Pastor Tom shares Biblical truth about this important principle of obedience.

Baptism Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/26/2010 An Invitation Behind the Scenes

There are three things we need to see behind the scenes of Christmas.

The Invitation Pastor Bill Gilfillan
12/5/2010 Peace: Benefit Package

What are the benefits for fully-devoted Christ-followers because God has justified them? Find out what peace, joy, and hope look like in light of God's truth.

There's an App for that. Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/21/2010 The 'E' Word

What is evangelism and how does it play out in our everyday lives?

Come and See Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/12/2010 Week #1: Tuesday Jan. 12th

Just press play and listen to today's readings!

Epidemic MP3s New Testament Audio
1/11/2010 Week #1: Monday Jan. 11th

Just press play and listen to today's readings!

Epidemic MP3s New Testament Audio
12/27/2009 The Road to Peace

What does it mean to be a peacemaker? From reconciling broken relationships to managing anger, Pastor Bill looks at how God calls us to take the intiative as peacemakers.

The Road to Peace Pastor Bill Gilfillan
12/13/2009 When Christmas Seems Disturbing

How and why can Christmas seem disturbing? Learn more about why Christmas threatened the status quo and continues to challenge people even today.

Find Your Way Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/6/2009 Treasure: Finding the Life You've Always Wanted

Family Ministries Pastor Matt Archer shares about discovering the treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven and what to do with this treasure after you've found it!

CommUnity Pastor Matt Archer
8/30/2009 The External Side of Community

How does Jesus want us to connect with our community?

CommUnity Pastor Bill Gilfillan
7/29/2007 iShare

What are the implications for us of the statement "and the gospel must first be preached to all nations?"

iMust Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/22/2007 The More You Know About Construction

Through this famous parable that concludes the Sermon on the Mount, we learn that what might seem like a good idea at the time can seem pretty foolish in retrospect.

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/15/2007 The More You Know About Fruit Trees

What does Jesus want us to know about deception and self-deception?

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/1/2007 The More You Know About The Options

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/25/2007 The More You Know About Pursuing God

One of the passages that is often quoted and misquoted about prayer is in Matthew 7:7-8.

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/18/2007 The More You Know About Judging

"Do not judge" is perhaps the most misused statement Jesus ever made. What does "do not judge" really mean?

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/11/2007 The More You Know About Worry

We live in a culture that is overrun with stress related illnesses and problems because there are too many things in life we cannot control.

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen

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