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Date Title Series Speaker
10/13/2019 Flip the Switch

Habits eat willpower for breakfast. (Ortberg) Do you like the direction your habits are taking you?

Creatures of Habit Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/1/2018 Don't Forget [to Look Backward]

Communion challenges us to look in the right direction. What does that look like in your life today?

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/24/2016 Get in the Ring

Paul uses the language of the ancient Olympic games to explain what attitudes and choices are essential in our spiritual journey. How can we apply this in our lives today?

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/17/2016 Take Your Mark

Paul uses the language of the ancient Olympic games to explain what attitudes and choices are essential in our spiritual journey. How can we apply this in our lives today?

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/20/2016 Who Moved the Stone?

Paul makes it clear that if Jesus didn't rise from the dead, then the Christian faith is Easter, no Church, no life, no forgiveness, no eternal life, nothing. We have the greatest message ever for what a messed up culture and people need most.

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/13/2016 Food Fight

The issue in Corinth was not the was what the food represented to some people and not others (another aspect of the mess the culture presented to these Christ-followers).

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/7/2016 For Better or Worse?

What does the Bible have to say about marriage and singleness in 1 Corinthians 7?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/28/2016 What Matters Most

Without love, our gifts, abilities, sacrifices, and achievements are "nothing". Why 1 Corinthians 13 is too often the missing link in church life and is what people outside the church are most attracted to.

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/21/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 2

How do we figure out what our spiritual gifts are and not confuse them with other things?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/14/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 1

What are spiritual gifts, who has them, who are they for and why do they matter so much?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/7/2016 XXX Culture

A sex saturated society is nothing new. What can we learn from Paul's teaching to the city of Corinth?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/31/2016 The Way We Were

Our world is filled with a host of immorality. How does a saying yes to the saving grace of Jesus affect how we respond to character issues, attitudes and wrong behaviors in ourselves and others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/24/2016 Rationalizing Sin

We are often very quick to note and judge what we perceive as sinful behavior in others...what about our own faults?

Re-Solve Pastor Chip Garrison
1/17/2016 Family Court

What are the important principles Paul teaches in Scripture about how to handle conflict with others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/10/2016 Clashing Culture

Cliques, factions and schisms can find their way into life; what do they look like and how to do we walks towards this mess with grace?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/3/2016 What in the World Happened?

What is the reality of living in as a Christ follower in today's world?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/23/2015 Flee Baby Flee

In every area of our lives where there is a natural desire, we need guardrails. When it comes to you, do you flee or flirt with temptation?

Guardrails Pastor Chip Garrison
11/30/2014 Temple Truth

What does the popular expression "our bodies are a temple" mean in light of God's Word?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/9/2014 Stretch Us Why?

Multisite is not the only strategy a church can use; but we do think it’s the best one at this stage of Riverside’s life and timeline. Why do we believe this is such an important next step for our church to take?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/15/2012 Sex: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Can sex be separated from the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of our lives and just be a physical act without any complications or consequences? Join us as we explore what the Bible says about this subject.

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/4/2010 Easter 2010 - Easter Changes Everything

Easter changes everything because it demonstrates 3 great truths of Christianity and brings us face to face with the resurrection and life of Christ.

Easter Changes Everything Pastor Tom Lundeen

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