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Date Title Series Speaker
3/26/2017 Mercy Isn't For Wimps (Pt 2)

Since we all experience failure in our lives, how do we stay "usable" in serving the Lord through our experiences of mercy in our lives?

New Every Day Pastor Nate Sickler
3/19/2017 Mercy Isn't For Wimps (Pt 1)

Because mercy is new every day, what do we need to remind ourselves of each day? What's the prison holding you back today?

New Every Day Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/10/2016 Be Strong

God wants us to know this is a match we can win because of what He provides for us.

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/15/2015 Not Here, Not Now

What happens when God says "not yet" or "not now" in our lives?

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/25/2014 Deception in 3-D

The evil one will not "outwit" us when we are aware of his schemes and when we put into practice 2 important principles: humility & perspective.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/4/2014 Schemes & Strategies

In what ways does the enemy of our souls seek to "outwit" us? His primary tactic is an unrelenting assault upon the truth.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/24/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Mission

The cross is also God’s great invitation to the world. Jesus never intended His cross to become a campfire that Christ-followers sit around to warm themselves, He did intend His cross to light a wildfire in Christ-followers to send us out into a broken and needy world.

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/18/2010 Playing Hurt Because It Matters

What does the Bible teach us about when "playing hurt" is the right response to have as a fully-devoted Christ-follower ?

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen

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