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Date Title Series Speaker
9/14/2014 Awareness: The Gift of Slowness

God wants to show how we’re held captive by our pain and how we can eventually find freedom through Him.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/18/2014 Don't Go It Alone

Every hero relies on their team to beat the enemy. When we connect we conquer! Find out how this relates to God's family and your life.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Dan Boal
10/2/2011 Learning to Come to Grips with the Real You

Understanding who we are will be a huge factor in determining the quality of our relationships and contentment with our own life. It's not about who we want to be or who we think we are; it's about who and what God has made us.

Dare to Experience True Spirituality Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/4/2010 Pray That it Matters

No matter who we are or whether or not we have some sense of "holy discontent" in our soul, it is so important we pray that God's mission and agenda will matter to us.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/6/2010 It Has Always Mattered

Why should we "go all in" when it comes to Jesus Christ and the church? Both the Old and New Testament provide a glimpse into God's heart and why the Great Commission and our work for Him has always mattered.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen

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