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Date Title Series Speaker
5/28/2017 Why Keep Praying

Why does Jesus want us to pray persistently, relentlessly, and continuously -- doesn't He already know what we need?

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/21/2017 Search My Heart

Why should we ask God to search our hearts -- doesn't He already know what's in them?

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/4/2015 Eyes Wide Open

How does God help us to open our eyes wide so we can see and understand His Word?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/27/2015 Change that Sticks

How does God use His Word to change our lives?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/12/2014 Acceptance: Labels Lie

The identity we embrace determines our experience of freedom. When Christ-followers operate out of this identity, then becoming whole and free from destructive labels is the result.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/13/2014 Keep Calm and Listen Closely

C&MA President Dr. John Stumbo shares with Riverside about his roots here and his incredible story that God has taken him on throughout the years.

Keep Calm Series Dr. John Stumbo
9/12/2010 What's in the Dash?

What does it mean to "live in the dash instead of dashing to live?" What did Jesus do when he knew He had 30 days until the cross?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/27/2010 The State of Our Church Matters

God highly values us intentionally remembering what He has done. Join us as we remember what the Lord has done through Riverside Church in the last year.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/16/2010 Bring Out the Best in Your Children

With the enormous job of parenting, how do you complete the task of bringing out the best in your children? Join us and find out ways to acknowledge your child's individuality and to love them undeservedly.

Parenthood Pastor Tom Lundeen

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