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Date Title Series Speaker
12/6/2009 Can I Face the Future?

How do we approach an unknown and uncertain future?

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/29/2009 What Happens When I Die?

Learn what death looks like from the human perspective and God's perspective in this life changing message which alllows you to see the biblical truth of what happens to you when you die, and how people prepare to die.

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/22/2009 Can I Be Happy?

Ecclesiastes 2 is a description of Solomon's search for happiness. From education and pleasure to accomplishment and money, Solomon tried it all; find out how out to find happiness in life God's way.

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/15/2009 When Will I Have Enough Money?

What do we think that wealth brings in our lives and What does wealth REALLY bring in out lives?

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/8/2009 Why Should I Work Hard?

Work (or lack of work) is one of our primary sources of restlessness; how can we avoid extremes that produce apathy and instead embrace an attitude to R.E.L.A.X?

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/1/2009 Does My Life Matter?

Since our lives matter to God, how then should we live?

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/11/2009 Why Isn't Life Fair?

Life can be unfair...why? This message answers the question of why life can be unfair, why God allows it and how we can choose to respond to difficult circumstances.

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/4/2009 Is This It?

Is This It? Why do we so often just go through the motions of life? Does this life even have a point? The book of Ecclesiastes asks these very questions and helps us discover how to invest in something that matters.

Restless Pastor Tom Lundeen

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