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Date Title Series Speaker
6/11/2017 Lead My Life

The three answers we can give God when He calls us.

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/26/2016 Who Shall? Who Will?

What is important for us to know about God, ourselves, and the message He entrusts to us?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/7/2014 Sacred Scars

What does Jesus look like, and why has this question never been satisfactorily answered?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/19/2014 Freedom: We Are Rescued to Become Rescuers

Freedom/grace is designed by God to be shared and given away. We all play a part, because the path to freedom isn't just about being rescued, but also being rescuers.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/2/2014 Stretch Our Reach

The idea of “commitment” isn’t that popular in our culture. Nothing great ever happens without making commitments. How will God "Stretch Us" at Riverside to extend our reach?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/23/2014 Stretch Our Passion

Multisite will stretch us in a number of ways, including financially.

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/16/2014 Stretch Our Hearts

It’s important to talk about money…because our attitude about money reveals the spiritual condition of our hearts (note Matthew 6:21). How does God want to stretch our hearts in becoming more and more generous in our giving to His work?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/9/2014 Stretch Us Why?

Multisite is not the only strategy a church can use; but we do think it’s the best one at this stage of Riverside’s life and timeline. Why do we believe this is such an important next step for our church to take?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/2/2014 Stretch Us How?

What is a Multisite Church? Why Multisite? What does the Bible have to say about this? Where are we going?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/19/2010 An Invitation from an Amazing Source

In Isaiah 9, 4 titles or descriptions of what this child, our Savior would accomplish are listed. Find out what this amazing Source invites us to receive in His promise!

The Invitation Pastor Tom Lundeen

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