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Date Title Series Speaker
9/1/2019 What If There's More to the Story?

How does what you know impact who you know? How does who you know impact where you go?

Sit With Me Pastor Nate Sickler
8/18/2019 What If I Missed It?

One story always connects to another. Who do you need to invite into a conversation & sit with today?

Sit With Me Pastor Tony Myles
6/4/2017 Break Me

Are you willing to let God change you instead of your circumstances? Why surrendering our will to Him can be the most important step we take.

#Amen Pastor Nate Sickler
4/16/2017 Easter Weekend 2017

A time of worship, inspiration and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

Easter Weekend 2017 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/9/2017 Mercy: Rescue. Restore. Reconnect.

There is a cost to being lost; how does understanding God's mercy save us?

New Every Day Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/19/2017 Never Saw That Coming

Where do you turn when you collide and face "titanic moments" in your life?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/22/2017 That's Faith?

Real faith is often far messier, difficult and challending than we think it should be. What can we learn as we examine Peter's life & his faith struggles?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/18/2016 Open Before Christmas

Just where did the tradition of gift-giving begin? It started with God's gift to us the very first Christmas.

The Best Christmas Present Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/17/2016 Why Couldn't You Find Me?

What happened when Jesus was a boy & His parents realized He was not with them. What is the significance of this question?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Chip Garrison
10/18/2015 More 'AHA' Moments

What am I able to see when God opens my spiritual eyes?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/12/2014 Acceptance: Labels Lie

The identity we embrace determines our experience of freedom. When Christ-followers operate out of this identity, then becoming whole and free from destructive labels is the result.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/7/2014 Intro: A Prodigal's Party

There’s freedom from your past, your present, your enemies, your memories, and yourself. There is hope. There is an answer. And that answer is grace.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/31/2014 Losing for Joy

Following Jesus is often emotionally, physically, and spiritually trying. What happens after we choose to lose?

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
1/12/2014 Tongue Tied

God does have a spiritual X-ray tool for us. It’s our tongue.

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/14/2012 [TheChallenge] Outreach: Lost and Found

Luke 15 contains 3 parables that show us Jesus’ heart for lost peopleā€¦He used these parables in response to an experience in Luke 15:1-2. What principles do these parables teach us about being outward focused?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/19/2012 The End Times: What Time is It?

Though no one knows the exact time and date of the return of Jesus Christ (and run from anyone who claims to know!), the New Testament talks about the future no less than 300 times...What are some characteristics of the end times?

Is 2012 the end? Really? Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/21/2011 Love Who?

Love WHO? Jesus gives three different approaches to showing compassion in the story of the Good Samaritan. Join us as we dig in to what that means.

Love Who? Pastor Bill Gilfillan
9/19/2010 Live Passionately

"Life can beat the passion right out of you." How do we keep life from getting too crowded...even too crowded for Christ?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/4/2010 Pray That it Matters

No matter who we are or whether or not we have some sense of "holy discontent" in our soul, it is so important we pray that God's mission and agenda will matter to us.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/13/2010 Power That Matters (Part 1)

Where does the spiritual power come from to turn on light in places and hearts that are spiritually dark?

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/28/2009 Lost

State of the Church message June 2009. Lost people matter to God. He wants them found.

State of the Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/15/2007 iReach

Living a purpose driven life.

iMust Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/8/2007 iWorship

Worship is far more than an hour on Sunday morning.

iMust Pastor Tom Lundeen

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