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Date Title Series Speaker
12/15/2019 What Are You Getting?

Sharing WHAT you want can either clarify or confuse your understanding of WHY you want.

Wish List Pastor Tony Myles
8/11/2019 What If It's True?

Things aren't always exactly as we think. How do we trust Him when those expectations are different than ours?

Sit With Me Pastor Nate Sickler
9/2/2018 A Surprising Reality Check

Do you feel like you need to measure up to approach God?

UnScripted Pastor Nate Sickler
4/16/2017 Easter Weekend 2017

A time of worship, inspiration and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

Easter Weekend 2017 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/5/2017 Sometimes We Goof-Up

Sometimes despite our successes and spiritual growth and experiences of "Only God!" moments, we can still goof up.

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/18/2016 Open Before Christmas

Just where did the tradition of gift-giving begin? It started with God's gift to us the very first Christmas.

The Best Christmas Present Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/5/2016 Why Does It Matter?

What does Jesus tell Peter to focus on in his life, and why does that matter?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/22/2016 What's Love Got to Do With It?

After Peter's denial, what does Jesus do, and what does love have to do with it?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/15/2016 What Do You Really Want?

What does this question tell us about change, faith and choices in life?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/25/2015 Sticking With It

God wants His Word to infiltrate and permeate every part of our how does this happen?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/27/2015 Change that Sticks

How does God use His Word to change our lives?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/20/2014 Keep Calm - The Victory is Ours

When you think about the cross, what comes to mind? It's now a symbol of the enormous price Jesus paid was worth it because of the significance and scope of the victory Jesus accomplished there.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/4/2014 Schemes & Strategies

In what ways does the enemy of our souls seek to "outwit" us? His primary tactic is an unrelenting assault upon the truth.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/25/2013 Digging Ditches

The reason we fail to turn inspiration into implementation is that we want miracles. Not work orders. Is your plan man driven or God driven?

Greater Series Pastor Dan Boal
5/8/2011 Risk: Living With the Nuclear Option

What can parents do to create and maintain a spiritually healthy home and family?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Matt Archer
3/28/2010 Come and See

What does the Bible tell us about how God can use us to help others "come and see" about Jesus?

Come and See Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/12/2009 Easter 2009 - Easter Means Hope

We can have hope in desperate times because of the assurance we have in God's love and sacrifice made on the Cross for us.

Easter Sunday 2009 Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/22/2007 iWork

How do we do the work of the Father who sent Jesus Christ into our world?

iMust Pastor Tom Lundeen

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