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Date Title Series Speaker
3/5/2017 Sometimes We Goof-Up

Sometimes despite our successes and spiritual growth and experiences of "Only God!" moments, we can still goof up.

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/3/2016 Know Your Competition

There are 3 battles/challenges all of us have to face in our lives: selfishness over unselfishness, forgiveness and bitterness, and what's easy & what's right.

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/6/2014 Keep Calm and Follow the Spirit

Why is the Holy Spirit so important? Many of us are trying to live a good moral life, but we're doing so with human methods & resources that are not sufficient to empower us to live a Christian life.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Chip Garrison
2/21/2010 Epidemic: Godliness

What does genuine godliness look like? How do we begin to develop genuine godly character? Listen to find the answers to these questions and more!

Epidemic Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/18/2009 A Promise for Everyone

God's promises are for all people of all time. We need to see ourselves as something bigger and be ready to share the blessings of redemption in Jesus Christ with others.

Genesis: God Is Closer Than You Think Pastor Tom Lundeen

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