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Date Title Series Speaker
5/28/2017 Why Keep Praying

Why does Jesus want us to pray persistently, relentlessly, and continuously -- doesn't He already know what we need?

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/9/2015 Direct and Protect

Your greatest regret could probably have been avoided if you had some guardrails in that area of your life. Guardrails are a standard of behavior that becomes a matter of conscience, &a guardrail is a personal boundary decision you’ll make.

Guardrails Pastor Chip Garrison
1/25/2015 Serving: Love-Love

How do we identify the gifts and talents God has given you and use them to serve one another?

What now? Pastor Dan Boal
1/11/2015 Change Your Attitude

Since knowing and understanding God's will is based on a relationship with God, then our attitude is critically important.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/4/2015 This is Hard

Since God wants us to understand and do His will, why can it be so difficult? We often struggle with understanding God’s will because we have some basic misconceptions about just what the will of God is.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/27/2014 Keep Calm and Be United

The father of lies is ultimately a bully who is bigger, stronger, and tougher than you or me. We need to be connected to Someone stronger than this spiritual bully.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/29/2014 State of the Church 2014

Engage, Experience & Celebrate Riverside's history, mission and future work! We don't want you to miss it!

State of the Church 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/8/2014 Suit Up: Part 2

With the "belt of truth" in place, what's our next piece of battle gear?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/2/2014 Suit Up: Part 1

What does the "belt of truth" look like, and how do we put it on?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/11/2014 The Battle for the Home

Many of us are simply unaware that the great, unseen but very real spiritual battle that rages all around us doesn't stop once we close the garage door at our home. So what does this mean for me & my family?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/4/2014 Schemes & Strategies

In what ways does the enemy of our souls seek to "outwit" us? His primary tactic is an unrelenting assault upon the truth.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/30/2014 Living Livid?

What triggers our anger, and when does it become sin? Pastor Tom talks about our response to anger and how we can handle it God's way.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/1/2013 Do: Unity

What's the difference between unity & uniformity? Why does unity matter, and what can chip away at it in our lives?

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/19/2009 How Did We Get Here?

What is at the core of our economic woes today? An over-emphasis on consumerism.

Hope in Financially Troubling Times Pastor Tom Lundeen

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