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Date Title Series Speaker
11/3/2019 Showing Faith by What I Do

RC Global Day 2019 John Arnold
5/14/2017 Heartless God

Why do hard things happen; how can we believe in a God that doesn't seem to care?

I Want to Believe, But... Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/15/2017 Are You Kidding Me?

How do we respond when in the providence of a sovereign God, trials, problems, and difficult circumstances land squarely in our laps and test our faith?

Mountain-Top Sundays, Rock-Bottom Mondays Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/3/2016 Know Your Competition

There are 3 battles/challenges all of us have to face in our lives: selfishness over unselfishness, forgiveness and bitterness, and what's easy & what's right.

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/13/2015 Built to Last

What do the 5 senses have to do with studying the Bible, & how can I create a habit in my life with God's Word that sticks?

Making It Stick Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/19/2015 Adding Fuel to the Fire

Why is it so common for parents to disagree on how to raise their children? Here are 5 ways to improve your marriage and parenting.

Happily Even After Pastor Chip Garrison
1/26/2014 So What's Below Your Waterline?

How can we know if we’re really changing for the better?

Below the Waterline Pastor Chip Garrison
5/29/2011 Operation: Emotional Buzzer

What does it mean to be "emotionally healthy," and what are "good moves" to take to get there?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Bill Gilfillan

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