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Date Title Series Speaker
6/15/2014 More Than Words

The most common form of spiritual warfare every Christ-follower faces daily is temptation. When & how are we tempted, and how do we overcome temptation?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/16/2014 An Unholy Trinity

Before a soldier can be effective in combat…he needs to learn 2 things: Who is my enemy? & Where am I vulnerable? Spiritual warfare involves conflict with the devil and demonic forces, but it also involves the principle of sin within us (“the flesh”), and the principle of sin in our society (“the world”).

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/26/2010 Love Completely

Love completely. What does that look like ? What mountains do we need to climb in our relationships to love people in our lives?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/28/2010 Epidemic: Obedience

What is God's love language? Obedience. Find out how to show obedience to God through loving Him, loving His people, and loving His mission.

Epidemic Pastor Tom Lundeen

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