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Date Title Series Speaker
1/26/2014 So What's Below Your Waterline?

How can we know if we’re really changing for the better?

Below the Waterline Pastor Chip Garrison
1/19/2014 Will Power Won't

Why are bad habits we have so hard to break?

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/12/2014 Tongue Tied

God does have a spiritual X-ray tool for us. It’s our tongue.

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/5/2014 Tired of Trying?

What God is really about is inwardly transforming you and me to resemble Jesus more and more each day and not faking it. We need to talk about having the right motivation.

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/29/2013 Same Old, Same Old

We all want to change for the better, but superficial focus and superficial analysis produces superficial temporary change.

Below the Waterline Pastor Dan Boal

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