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Date Title Series Speaker
8/31/2014 Losing for Joy

Following Jesus is often emotionally, physically, and spiritually trying. What happens after we choose to lose?

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
8/24/2014 Counting the Cost

There are times we become so focused on what we want that we fail to realize we are dropping the most important things in life.

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
8/17/2014 Connecting the Dots

"I want to live in a please of amazement that if Jesus doesn't catch me, I'm done." In order for us to obey Jesus, we must let go of what is safe and comfortable.

Choose to Lose Pastor Chip Garrison
8/10/2014 The Moment of Choice

Sometimes following Jesus feels like choosing to lose. Jesus knew that winning would come first through losing.

Choose to Lose Pastor Chip Garrison

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