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Date Title Series Speaker
10/19/2014 Freedom: We Are Rescued to Become Rescuers

Freedom/grace is designed by God to be shared and given away. We all play a part, because the path to freedom isn't just about being rescued, but also being rescuers.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/12/2014 Acceptance: Labels Lie

The identity we embrace determines our experience of freedom. When Christ-followers operate out of this identity, then becoming whole and free from destructive labels is the result.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/5/2014 Forgiveness: Holding On Keeps You From Moving On

The journey to freedom goes through the door of forgiveness.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/28/2014 Ownership: You Can't Blame Your Way To Freedom

One of the most powerful things we can do in our lives is to take personal responsibility for today.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/21/2014 Discovery: You're Stronger Than You Think

Jesus invites us to go looking in our story for the broken and busted up things. One of the greatest enemies of our freedom is fear.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/14/2014 Awareness: The Gift of Slowness

God wants to show how we’re held captive by our pain and how we can eventually find freedom through Him.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/7/2014 Intro: A Prodigal's Party

There’s freedom from your past, your present, your enemies, your memories, and yourself. There is hope. There is an answer. And that answer is grace.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen

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