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Date Title Series Speaker
3/8/2015 Beyond Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo (Part 2)

In what other normal ways does God reveal His will to us?

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/1/2015 Beyond Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo (Part 1)

How can we reach an unknown destination? God gives the Holy Spirit to be our guide; most of the time, the Spirit guides us in normal ways.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/22/2015 Access Sunday: Me & God Partners?

What 3 ways can we partner with God in missions?

What now? Pastor Dan Boal
2/15/2015 Not Here, Not Now

What happens when God says "not yet" or "not now" in our lives?

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/8/2015 Shouldn't It Be Easy?

The reality is God’s will often includes positive reasons for problems in our lives. How does God use problems in our lives?

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/1/2015 This is God's Will

Where do you look for guidance? God's will is found in God's Word.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/25/2015 Serving: Love-Love

How do we identify the gifts and talents God has given you and use them to serve one another?

What now? Pastor Dan Boal
1/18/2015 Can I Get a Little Guidance?

There are flawed, defective and unreliable sources that compete for our attention and devotion, but only confuse and distract us from really understanding God's will.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/11/2015 Change Your Attitude

Since knowing and understanding God's will is based on a relationship with God, then our attitude is critically important.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/4/2015 This is Hard

Since God wants us to understand and do His will, why can it be so difficult? We often struggle with understanding God’s will because we have some basic misconceptions about just what the will of God is.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen

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