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5/24/2015 Real Intimacy

Good marriages don’t just happen. Jesus made it clear that God’s original intent for marriage was that it be permanent (not temporary); life-long (not convenient); and a marathon (not a sprint).

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/17/2015 Fighting Fair

Now the reality is conflict is normal; it's even an opportunity for growth. But if not handled right, conflict can severely damage and even destroy a marriage.

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/10/2015 Dancing or Debating?

A great dance takes a talented choreographer to help plan out every step that is to be taken. What does God say the choreography should look like for a wife or husband?

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/3/2015 Can You Hear Me Now?

What are some important principals that can help you promote healthy communication in any marriage or relationship?

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/26/2015 Marriage Hurdles

What are 4 hurdles that we're faced with in marriage that we need to tackle?

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/19/2015 Adding Fuel to the Fire

Why is it so common for parents to disagree on how to raise their children? Here are 5 ways to improve your marriage and parenting.

Happily Even After Pastor Chip Garrison
4/12/2015 Dream or Nightmare?

No one goes into a marriage hoping it will be a disaster. So what are God's foundation & core passage on marriage?

Happily Even After Pastor Tom Lundeen

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