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6/28/2015 Everything Will Be Easy

The past 12 months at Riverside have been what has seemed to be a "tale of two cities" experience. Watch to hear about this year's annual "State of the Church" message from Senior Pastor Tom Lundeen.

God Never Said That Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/21/2015 It Doesn't Matter What You Believe

How do we measure historical accuracy, and what does that mean for the Bible's accuracy?

God Never Said That Pastor Chip Garrison
6/14/2015 It Doesn't Matter What You Do

Tolerance use to mean that people who are different from us are to be valued and treated respectfully. Today “tolerance” has devolved to mean that all ideas and behavior have equal value, so it’s wrong…to ever say that any kind of behavior is wrong/sinful.

God Never Said That Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/7/2015 God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle

Why would God allow us to have more than we can handle?

God Never Said That Pastor Chip Garrison
5/31/2015 God Wants You To Be Happy

The most popular misbelief in western Christianity is that above all else God wants you to be happy. What does God's Word really say about this?

God Never Said That Pastor Dan Boal

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