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Date Title Series Speaker
9/6/2015 Once and For All

What does the story of Daniel teach us about tensions, resolve and guardrails?

Guardrails Pastor Chip Garrison
8/30/2015 Consumption Assumption

What does God's Word say about money, consumption & guardrails?

Guardrails Pastor Dan Boal
8/23/2015 Flee Baby Flee

In every area of our lives where there is a natural desire, we need guardrails. When it comes to you, do you flee or flirt with temptation?

Guardrails Pastor Chip Garrison
8/16/2015 Why Can't We Be Friends

Whether we want to admit it now or later, our friends can determine the direction and quality of our life. What promise and warning does God give us about friendship?

Guardrails Pastor Dan Boal
8/9/2015 Direct and Protect

Your greatest regret could probably have been avoided if you had some guardrails in that area of your life. Guardrails are a standard of behavior that becomes a matter of conscience, &a guardrail is a personal boundary decision you’ll make.

Guardrails Pastor Chip Garrison
8/2/2015 Baptism: Staying on Course

Baptism is a guardrail established by God to help us nail down (in both a personal and a public way) the decision we’ve made to say Yes to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior…

Guardrails Pastor Tom Lundeen

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