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Date Title Series Speaker
2/7/2016 XXX Culture

A sex saturated society is nothing new. What can we learn from Paul's teaching to the city of Corinth?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/31/2016 The Way We Were

Our world is filled with a host of immorality. How does a saying yes to the saving grace of Jesus affect how we respond to character issues, attitudes and wrong behaviors in ourselves and others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/24/2016 Rationalizing Sin

We are often very quick to note and judge what we perceive as sinful behavior in others...what about our own faults?

Re-Solve Pastor Chip Garrison
1/17/2016 Family Court

What are the important principles Paul teaches in Scripture about how to handle conflict with others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/10/2016 Clashing Culture

Cliques, factions and schisms can find their way into life; what do they look like and how to do we walks towards this mess with grace?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/3/2016 What in the World Happened?

What is the reality of living in as a Christ follower in today's world?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen

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