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Date Title Series Speaker
12/11/2017 This is Why: We Give

Jesus never shies away from this critical topic, so what can we learn from the Word about giving?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/3/2017 This is Why: We Go

As we follow Jesus' example, what does it look like in each of our lives to "go"?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/26/2017 This is Why: We Pray

…starting a 2nd campus is so much more than just a project… Because it’s Jesus’ church we’re talking about, it’s far more than a human endeavor. So why pray?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/19/2017 This is Why: We Multisite

What is a multisite church & why would you follow the multisite model?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/12/2017 Stretch Us [Ch.1] & This is Why [Ch. 2]

What a celebration of one chapter & announcing the next chapter for Riverside's multisite journey!

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen

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