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Date Title Series Speaker
6/10/2018 If You Want to Fight Someone

Is This Us? Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/3/2018 Just You Wait...

So what does it mean to “parent” adult children, and why is it so much more challenging than we ever think it might be?

Is This Us? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/27/2018 Who Are Your Parents?

Who are your parents? Let's explore some family struggles & also who you are as well.

Is This Us? Pastor Nate Sickler
5/20/2018 I'm Going to Count to Five

So how do we deal with the anger that is inevitable for us as parents? Anger that is mishandled can create tremendous pain and damage to everyone in a family.

Is This Us? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/13/2018 Someday You'll Understand

So how do you as a parent make sure that your children are not the C.E.O.’s of your family?

Is This Us? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/6/2018 What Part of 'No'...

When the madness gets to be too much, how can we take a step back & re-group? What's the biblical definition of parenting, & how does that apply to your life?

Is This Us? Pastor Nate Sickler
4/29/2018 Everyone's Grounded

Let's focus & look at students in the church family. What does & doesn't work, and what tools do we have when we're feeling stuck?

Is This Us? Pastor Tony Myles
4/22/2018 In This Family...

How do we lead our family well & be intentional in the eternal things that will be carried on through our families?

Is This Us? Pastor Tony Myles
4/8/2018 Because I Said So

Who is at the center of our family units, & how has culture effected this shift of focus?

Is This Us? Pastor Tom Lundeen

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