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Date Title Series Speaker
8/4/2019 Becoming Connected.

What does building & growing healthy relationships look like in each of our lives?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/28/2019 Becoming Motivated.

What is water baptism & why does it matter in my life?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/21/2019 Becoming Interested

What priority does learning/knowing God’s truth have in your life?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/14/2019 Becoming Compassionate.

How did Jesus demonstrate compassion? How can we really start to see other people in our lives daily?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/7/2019 Becoming Determined.

Long distance living leads to greater things but takes determination. How is the pace of your race? What’s tripping you up along the way?

Becoming _____. Pastor Nate Sickler
6/30/2019 Becoming Obedient.

What does it mean to grow spiritually and align our choices/activities more to God's will?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/23/2019 Becoming Focused.

What has to become the center of our hearts & the first priority of our lives when it comes to becoming more like Jesus? And what does this look like at Riverside in the next 12 months?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen

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