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Date Title Series Speaker
10/17/2010 Live with No Regrets

Jesus did not necessarily come to add years to our earthly lives, but He did come to add life to our earthly years. So how can we restore our passion for life?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/10/2010 Leave Boldly

The Bible tells us that every day of our lives we're building a legacy, and every moment we get to choose what materials to build that legacy with.

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/3/2010 Learn Humbly

Of all 4 OMTL principles, learning humbly is the most difficult, but it’s also the most powerful. Discover 3 ways to learn humbly in your life.

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/26/2010 Love Completely

Love completely. What does that look like ? What mountains do we need to climb in our relationships to love people in our lives?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/19/2010 Live Passionately

"Life can beat the passion right out of you." How do we keep life from getting too crowded...even too crowded for Christ?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/12/2010 What's in the Dash?

What does it mean to "live in the dash instead of dashing to live?" What did Jesus do when he knew He had 30 days until the cross?

One Month to Live Pastor Tom Lundeen

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