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Date Title Series Speaker
6/28/2020 Scattered & Regathered

State of the Church 2020. So this past fiscal year, we have been both the church gathered (through March 8) and the church scattered (since March 15). What does that look like moving forward?

Back to the Future Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/23/2019 Becoming Focused.

What has to become the center of our hearts & the first priority of our lives when it comes to becoming more like Jesus? And what does this look like at Riverside in the next 12 months?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/24/2018 Remember Why

State of the Church 2018 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/17/2018 Reload & Relaunch

State of the Church 2018 Pastor Nate Sickler
6/25/2017 Reach Further

What does it look like when a health church is passionate about Jesus' mission, serious about His last command and always reaching further?

Blueprint: God's Design for His Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/26/2016 Who Shall? Who Will?

What is important for us to know about God, ourselves, and the message He entrusts to us?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/29/2014 State of the Church 2014

Engage, Experience & Celebrate Riverside's history, mission and future work! We don't want you to miss it!

State of the Church 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/30/2013 Doing God's Will (Part 2)

Riverside is a place for people to experience grace, grow in love, and give of themselves. How has Riverside lived this out in the last year, and how will we live it out in the coming year/

State of the Church 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/23/2013 Doing God's Will (Part 1)

Let's take some time to celebrate what God has been doing over the past 12 months, look ahead to the vision God is giving us for the next 12-24 months and remind ourselves WHY we do what we do at Riverside.

State of the Church 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/24/2012 State of the Church 2012 >> "Staying Focused"

Taking a look at where Riverside has been this past year and where we're headed. How do we stay focused on God's mission for Riverside?

State of the Church 2012 >> "Staying Focused" Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/21/2010 Giving Thanks/Minstry Fund Challenge

Ever wondered what it means when you give to the ministry fund, and how your tithes make a difference in the lives of others? Listen in on a "fireside chat" between Pastors Tom Lundeen and Skipp Machmer

State of the Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/28/2009 Lost

State of the Church message June 2009. Lost people matter to God. He wants them found.

State of the Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/22/2008 "Living In The Current"

"Living in the Current" at Riverside means that we center everything we do around the values of Experiencing Grace, Growing in Love, and Giving of Yourself. What has that looked like at Riverside over the past 12 months?

State of the Church Pastor Tom Lundeen

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