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Date Title Series Speaker
2/17/2008 If God Is So Good, Why Is There Suffering In The World? (Part 4)

In this world we all experience trouble, but we don't like it. How can God allow evil anad suffering in the world?

The God Questions Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/10/2008 Do All Roads Lead To Heaven? (Part 3)

Is there really only one way to heaven? How does grace fit into a Christian's view?

The God Questions Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/3/2008 Is The Bible True? (Part 2)

The Bible contains mysteries, but once you know how it is laid out, the book itself is not mysterious. Learn how it can speak to you about who you really are and who you can be in Christ.

The God Questions Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/27/2008 Is God Real? (Part 1)

Everyone wonders about God from time to time; how can we know His existence is real?

The God Questions Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/20/2008 Opening Doors and Stepping Through Them

A journey to explore the tough questions About God and faith. Pre-Launch Message about how to get the most from a spiritual journey.

The God Questions Pastor Tom Lundeen

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