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Date Title Series Speaker
11/23/2008 Reflections About A Spiritual Journey

Today's sermon combines a report and update, a focus on the real meaning of "our time," and teaching about the vision God has given to us as a church.

Our Time Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/7/2008 Communion: "Reflections On A Tough Summer" Message: "Refocusing On Our Future"

Paul challenged a church that had embarked on a financial spiritual journey to finish well. How did he challenge them to finish well down the home stretch?

Our Time Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/18/2007 My Church, My Journey, God's Work

Our Time 2nd Anniversary Update

Our Time Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/29/2007 Our Time Half Time Celebration

Nehemiah 1-6 records the spiritual journey God called Nehemiah and God's people to go on. What principles can we learn halfway through the Our Time spiritual journey?

Our Time Pastor Tom Lundeen

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