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Date Title Series Speaker
5/29/2011 Operation: Emotional Buzzer

What does it mean to be "emotionally healthy," and what are "good moves" to take to get there?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Bill Gilfillan
5/22/2011 Candyland: You Are What You Eat

Think of how much food dominates our daily lives. Our relationship with food is highly complicated... So what does the Bible tell us about food? What is the next move God wants us to make about food?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/15/2011 Dominoes: A Little Push Goes A Long Way

Exercise. If we are fully-devoted followers of Jesus and our destiny is eternal life, why is exercise something that we should really care much about?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/8/2011 Risk: Living With the Nuclear Option

What can parents do to create and maintain a spiritually healthy home and family?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Matt Archer
5/1/2011 Monopoly: Advance Token to Go

Few of us are really happy with our bodies and our overall fitness...Does the Bible tell us anything about our physical and emotional health?

"It's Your Move" Health Series Pastor Tom Lundeen

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