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Date Title Series Speaker
7/24/2011 Community Development 403 Paul finally does bring to a conclusion the spiritual powerhouse of a letter in Romans 16, his focus is on people...

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/17/2011 Conflict Resolution 401

Last week focused on why unity was worth fighting for. This week we will dive in to how we fight for genuine unity in a healthy way.

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/10/2011 Conflict Resolution 301

Paul urges us in Romans 14-15 to seek real unity and acceptance of each other ... that it's worth fighting for.

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/3/2011 Time Management 204

As each minute passes and eternity gets closer, what kind of life is the Lord urging us to live?

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/26/2011 Mission and Vision 202

What does it mean for you and me to be people who are passionate about and have as a priority God's vision and mission?

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/19/2011 Spiritual Civics 201

In Romans 13 Paul gives instructions to individual Christ followers about how to respond to government authorities...and in so doing, he gives us some very important truths about God's purpose for human governments.

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/12/2011 Life Skills Applications 102

What should be the effect of the power of God's love in our lives?

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/5/2011 Gifted and Talented 101

What are some of the principles Paul gives concerning spiritual gifts, their use, and our attitude towards them?

Schooled Pastor Tom Lundeen

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