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Date Title Series Speaker
7/28/2019 Becoming Motivated.

What is water baptism & why does it matter in my life?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/29/2018 Don't Forget [to Take the Plunge]

What is baptism and why does it matter so much?

Don't Forget Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/30/2017 Take Steps

What is baptism and why does it matter so much?

Blueprint: God's Design for His Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/31/2016 Dive In

What is baptism? Why does is matter so much? Why is baptism so important and what does it have to do with going public with your faith?

Training to Win Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/2/2015 Baptism: Staying on Course

Baptism is a guardrail established by God to help us nail down (in both a personal and a public way) the decision we’ve made to say Yes to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior…

Guardrails Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/3/2014 Keep Calm and Take the Plunge

What makes baptism something so powerful in the spiritual realm? What is believer's baptism, and what does it mean for me?

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/5/2013 Mark Your Journey

There are some important principles in Acts 8 that will encourage us all to take a next step in our spiritual journey.

Baptism Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/6/2012 Just Add Water

Throughout the New Testament there are specific examples of people being baptized. We'll explore one specific story and how this decision impacted her life.

Baptism Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/31/2011 Baptism Message 2011

Why does baptism matter and when should a person consider this step of faith? Listen in as Pastor Tom shares Biblical truth about this important principle of obedience.

Baptism Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/21/2010 March 21, 2010 - 1st Service Baptism

First Service Baptism on March 21st, 2010

3/21/2010 March 21, 2010 - 2nd Service Baptism

Second Service Baptism on March 21st, 2010


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