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6/10/2012 K.I.S.S.

Simplifying our lives is a popular topic in our society… Do we want to reorganize our lives, or revolutionize our lives? How does Jesus show us how to keep life simple, from the inside-out?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/3/2012 Life's Most Important Questions

Margin is not just cutting things out of our lives, but making time for what matters most…it should help us have more time, energy and resources for what really counts

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/27/2012 Making Time

It matters what we do with our time because life is short. Are you using your time here on earth wisely?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/20/2012 How's That Working For You?

Many of us are driving through life’s intersections with our foot on the accelerator…and one of the places where we feel the rush of life the most is the workplace.

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/13/2012 Lightening Your Load

How does Jesus tell us to lighten our load?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/6/2012 Modern Family

What does having God in the center of your family have to do with balance in your life? Why is it so important? We are called by God to unleash single minded, Christ centered, biblically anchored, world changers.

Balanced? Pastor Chip Garrison
4/29/2012 What Really Matters?

So what does God tell us matters most in this life? If we would take seriously what God says and put it into practice…our lives would be healthier, our families happier, our businesses and careers would be more productive, and there would be fewer divorces and separations.

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/22/2012 Under Pressure

We are busier than ever. So what advantages are there to having "margin" in our lives?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/15/2012 Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Just what is this fast-paced lifestyle doing to us? What biblical principles are there to help us start slowing down?

Balanced? Pastor Tom Lundeen

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