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Date Title Series Speaker
4/12/2020 Easter Weekend 2020

What parallels are there in our situation to that of the very first Easter weekend?

Easter Weekend 2020 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/21/2019 Easter Weekend 2019

Easter Weekend 2019 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/1/2018 Easter Weekend 2018

What an Easter weekend to celebrate our risen Savior with powerful music & relevant teaching!

Easter Weekend 2018 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/16/2017 Easter Weekend 2017

A time of worship, inspiration and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

Easter Weekend 2017 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/27/2016 Hoping for More

A powerful Easter Weekend service filled with drama, music, & a great message from Pastor Tom Lundeen!

Easter Weekend 2016 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/5/2015 Easter 2015

Easter 2015 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/20/2014 Easter 2014

An amazing Easter Weekend filled with drama, music, laughter & a powerful message!

Easter 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/31/2013 Easter Brings Hope 2013

Discover the victory and power we have in Jesus to transform our lives and secure our future. The promise of what Jesus accomplished on the cross and through His resurrection provides real hope for everyone!

Easter 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/8/2012 Easter 2012 - Easter Matters!

What difference can Easter make personally in our lives? Why does Easter really matter?

Easter Matters! Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/24/2011 Easter 2011

Why is Easter an "in your face" holiday? Pastor Tom explains why Easter identifies a need and demands a response from each one of us.

Easter 2011 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/4/2010 Easter 2010 - Easter Changes Everything

Easter changes everything because it demonstrates 3 great truths of Christianity and brings us face to face with the resurrection and life of Christ.

Easter Changes Everything Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/13/2009 When Christmas Seems Disturbing

How and why can Christmas seem disturbing? Learn more about why Christmas threatened the status quo and continues to challenge people even today.

Find Your Way Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/12/2009 Easter 2009 - Easter Means Hope

We can have hope in desperate times because of the assurance we have in God's love and sacrifice made on the Cross for us.

Easter Sunday 2009 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/23/2008 Easter 2008 - What Love Has Done

How has Easter impacted us at Riverside and what does John 3:16 tell us about what God's love has done on our behalf?

ACTS: Upside Down Living Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/8/2007 Easter 2007 - Starting Over

The More You Know Pastor Tom Lundeen

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