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Date Title Series Speaker
7/29/2012 Expecting an Answer?

Why does it seem sometimes that God doesn't answer our prayers? How does God answer prayer?

Food for Thought Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/22/2012 When You Pray...

Connecting with God through prayer begins with the right attitude, and it also happens with the right priorities.

Food for Thought Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/15/2012 Teach Me To Pray

Prayer can be an intimidating and challenging subject for most of us. Prayer is something we know is vitally important, but it can also seem elusive as a reality in our own lives.

Food for Thought Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/8/2012 What's On the Menu

How can we learn to become “self-feeding” Christ-followers with God’s Word?

Food for Thought Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/1/2012 The Bible Tells Me So

…we’re going to talk about the Bible and why the most important thing for us to learn is how to become “self-feeding” Christ-followers…

Food for Thought Pastor Tom Lundeen

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