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Date Title Series Speaker
9/2/2012 [LifeCycles4] Perpetual Motion

What's the plan, and what does "perpetual motion" have to do with it? Watch and find out!

Life Cycles Pastor Bill Gilfillan
8/27/2012 [LifeCycles3] The Stages

While no two adults have the exact life experiences, there are predictable stages you’ll encounter the closer you get to God. Take a closer look as we look at the model of how God connected with Abraham.

Life Cycles Pastor Bill Gilfillan
8/19/2012 [LifeCycles2] Will You Follow Me?

The older we get the more difficult the decisions become. The more difficult the decision the more unclear the right decision.

Life Cycles Pastor Dan Boal
8/12/2012 [LIfeCycles1] It's an Experience

Growing in faith is important for every age. We must help children grow in their faith in a way that engages them fully.

Life Cycles Pastor Chip Garrison

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