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Date Title Series Speaker
10/14/2012 [TheChallenge] Outreach: Lost and Found

Luke 15 contains 3 parables that show us Jesus’ heart for lost people…He used these parables in response to an experience in Luke 15:1-2. What principles do these parables teach us about being outward focused?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2012 [TheChallenge] Stewardship: Giving and Serving

Jesus tells us that our attitude towards money accurately describes our spiritual condition. So why does God want us to be generous?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/30/2012 [TheChallenge] Growth: Stepping Up and Out

God’s plan for us is develop His moral character, to value what He values, think what He thinks, and do what He does. What does growing look like in each of our lives?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/23/2012 [TheChallenge] Worship: Living the Lifestyle

Worship is at the very heart of the Christian life…The Bible tells us we were created to be loved by God, and God wants us to love Him back.

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/16/2012 [TheChallenge] Community: Doing Life Together

The Church is not just something we go to, but the Church is something we are to become...

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/10/2012 [TheChallenge] And They Called It 'The Church'

True to Jesus' vision, the church was like nothing anyone had experienced before. How does a church become like that original church in Acts 2?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen

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