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Date Title Series Speaker
2/3/2013 [On A Fiscal Cliff?] The Real Owner

This series culminates today by focusing on our responsibility to God and what He expects of His followers. God’s expectation is that we bring Him back a portion of what He gives us…it’s called a tithe.

On A Fiscal Cliff? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/27/2013 [On A Fiscal Cliff?] Contentment

What does contentment look like in your life, and where does God fit in?

On A Fiscal Cliff? Pastor Dan Boal
1/20/2013 [On A Fiscal Cliff?] Save

Why does the Bible tell us that saving is wise?

On A Fiscal Cliff? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/13/2013 [On A Fiscal Cliff?] Debt Ceiling?

We have a "credit crisis" in America. Let's look at debt danger signs, the danger of debt, stewardship and practical steps with debt.

On A Fiscal Cliff? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/6/2013 [On A Fiscal Cliff?] Money Talks: What Are We Hearing?

Money is fun - if you've got some! What does the Bible tell us to hear when money talks? Would you like to watch the sermon in a player where you can fast forward/rewind, click here?

On A Fiscal Cliff? Pastor Tom Lundeen

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