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6/9/2013 [REALationships] Staying Sane Surrounded by People Who Drive Us Nuts

What are some of the characteristics of people who tend to drive us nuts? Here are some of the most common types of people that often make life more challenging and how we should respond.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/2/2013 [REALationships] More Jesus and Less Religion

Becoming a Christ-follower doesn’t immediately change everything about us before we were Christ-followers. So how can we recognize if we’re driving people nuts with our religious thinking or whether we are building people up because of our relationship with Jesus?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/26/2013 [REALationships] Is He/She The One?

Two of the most important choices we'll ever make in life are: Will I get married? If yes, who will I marry? Let's find out what the Bible has to say about relationships and marriage.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/19/2013 [REALationships] But You Don't Know My Family

Sin can tear families apart relationally and geographically. Everyone’s family bucket is broken. God’s family can substitute where our own families fall short.

REALationships Pastor Dan Boal
5/12/2013 [REALationships] People Pleasing isn't Pleasing

How can we avoid the trap of approval addiction? If God can't please everyone, we're foolish to think that we can.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/5/2013 [REALationships] Refusing Abusing

What principles are in the Bible that can help us to break free from abuse and to recover from the pain of it?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/28/2013 [REALationships] Conflict Anyone?

Conflict is part of life in a broken world; how do we live peaceful lives and resolve differences in a healthy way given this reality?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/21/2013 [REALationships] Healthy Boundaries

We all have family dynamics, and the truth is that when we get with our family, sometimes, it’s dynamic! How do you successfully navigate relationships with the "EGRs" in your life, and what does it look like to create and maintain healthy boundaries?

REALationships Pastor Chip Garrison
4/15/2013 [REALationships] Button Pushers

How can we learn to control our anger and neutralize the button pushers n our lives? Learn how God can give you a brand new heart and a new identity.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/7/2013 [REALationships] Can There Ever Be Peace?

Relationships are absolutely critical for our lives and for our spiritual, emotional, and even physical health…yet fewer things in life cause us more problems, heartaches, and struggles than relationship tensions/issues. How do we define and develop healthy relationships?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen

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