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7/29/2013 Are You Recognized in Hell?

Join with Pastor Tom as he takes a look at a passage in Acts about Paul and reasons why he was recognized in hell and what that means for each of our lives.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/21/2013 Are You Bragged About in Heaven?

I want us to see that not only are either heaven or hell our final destination, but that both heaven and hell come into play in our lives on earth. What was it about Job that caused God to brag about him in heaven?

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/14/2013 Don't Erase Hell

The idea of hell is something that of talked about at all, is either confined to usage as a curse word, something to joke about, or something reserved for gruesome exploitation in a horror movie. Today I want to help us move past our wrong ideas, images, and prejudices about the reality of hell.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/7/2013 As it is in Heaven

As it is in heaven...what does that really mean? Even if we believe in heaven’s existence and that our final destination is heaven, we don’t think about it very often because we don’t have a solid grasp on exactly what heaven is.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen

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